Sylvia Rogers is a natural health practitioner with over 30 years experience. In addition to her B.S. in Nursing, she is a Licensed Spiritual Healer (using Biblical tools for wellness), Certified Biofeedback Specialist, Certified Nutritionist, and Herb Specialist.
Sylvia consults with clients from all over the world, providing health assessments and personally tailored herb programs to achieve optimal health using natural products and therapies.
Personal consultations with Sylvia are available in person or over phone. The Zyto Compass or saliva resonance testing (matching products to the body) may be included for no extra charge.

Making an Appointment

Each consult includes dietary teaching and a personally tailored health program
Initial Consult:  $85
Follow-Up Consults
45 min:  $55
30 min: $35
15 min: $25
If you are long distance, please request an initial consult form by calling us at 503.665.6719.
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